How to Keep Rats Out of the Garbage

It's a battle that's been going on since human beings first created dwellings. They went to throw their garbage out, only to find that rats were digging their way through it. While this may not have been a big problem thousands of years ago, it is for those who live in neighborhoods where rats are not a welcome sight. The problem is that it doesn't take very much for a rat to get into your garbage. There are probably dozens, maybe even hundreds living around your yard, so the challenge is a daunting one. However, if you are wanting to know how you can keep rats out of your garbage, there are some things you can do.

Secure the Lid
Let's start with the most obvious. The reason that the rat is coming around your garbage is because it has access to the food. This means either that you are not using a garbage can lid or you are not securely fastening it in place. If you are not doing these things, then I might as well put a welcome mat out for the rat. You need to get a garbage can that has a lid that can be securely fastened in place. If you have a lid but it will not stay tightly to the garbage can, then run a piece of bungee cord through the two handles and tight tightly. When you slide the lid on, it will hold it securely in place. This means that even if the garbage can is knocked over, the lid will not open.

Clean the Trail
One common mistake that many people make is that they carry their garbage out to the garbage can with drippings falling from the bag. Meat juices, sauces, and other kinds of liquids can leak out of the bag and fall to the ground as you are carrying the bag to the garbage can. This is basically like the yellow brick road leading the rat to your garbage. Should you have spillage like this, then you need to clean it right away. Create a solution of hot water and either bleach or ammonia and scrub the area where the drippings fell. Make sure that there is no remnant around so the rats have no trail to follow.

Keep Away Other Animals
While the rat may not be able to knock over your garbage can, a cat or dog may be able to do so. They may even be able to jar open that lid that you tried to securely fastened in place. This means you need to keep away any local animals to the area, even wild ones. If raccoons, possums, and squirrels are common, you may want to look into getting some type of predator urine to keep these animals away. It may not smell the best, but it will likely deter any animal from coming around, maybe even the rats. These simple steps can help you to effectively keep rats away from your yard and out of your garbage.

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